138 Background to the Research Grant Scheme

The issues that impact on the successful delivery of built environment education are both complex and important. It is widely acknowledged that the graduates from the built environment disciples play a major role in shaping the economic, social and physical environments. It is therefore critical that our members are able to maintain recruitment of good students, inspire them through their ‘learner journey’ and enable them to become research informed, responsible, competent and ethical professionals able to make a meaningful contribution to society both in the UK and beyond. However, in addition to supporting staff to deliver on this Agenda, we are aware that CHOBE members are currently seeking to maximise excellence in performance whilst facing challenges in relation to funding, continuing to move forward with research after REF and developing strategic positions in relation to the upcoming Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

In the light of these factors and CHOBE’s objectives of supporting members and providing a voice of influence, the Executive have agreed to instigate a research programme open to CHOBE member organisations. This will augment the work that CHOBE has already produced internally continues to undertake. This is the first call under the Scheme

CHOBE Research Grant Scheme

The CHOBE Research Grant Scheme will be overseen and administered by the CHOBE Executive, steered by a sub-group of CHOBE, including (but not necessarily confined to) members of the Committee. Outputs from the research projects will be disseminated through the Annual iBEE Conference, via the CHOBE website and directly to members. Grant holders will be encouraged to seek wider publication in journal papers, conference proceedings and other grey outlets, duly acknowledging CHOBE’s input.

This scheme aims to:

  • Provide, promote and support high quality research that is both relevant and forward looking and that helps to inform and influence our community and falls within the scope of CHOBE’s mission;
  • Support the development of a research strategy and prioritisation of themes developed and maintained by the CHOBE Executive Committee informed by the membership;
  • Provide for an open and competitive research funding process that is inclusive and transparent to our membership;
  • Provide opportunities for our wider constituency including early career researchers, to gain funding that might then lead to more substantive research projects (e.g. HEA, ESRC, EU, etc);
  • Promote and disseminate research towards raising the profile of CHOBE and increasing our influence.

Details of the Scheme

In this inaugural call for proposals, CHOBE is making one research grant of £5000 (five thousand pounds), with the expectation that the successful applicant will provide prior evidence of match funding. Applications without matched funding will also be considered.

CHOBE is funding a project linked to our objectives (see above) which is of topical interest and direct relevance to our membership. The Scheme is particularly intended to encourage high quality research projects that have the potential to impact on policy and practice, and to encourage closer collaboration between academic institutions and their wider stakeholders.


We are delighted to announce that the first research grant has been awarded to the Collaborative Centre of Built Environment at the University of Northampton. Sabine Coady Schaebitz

The research will be led by Sabine Coady Schaebitz working with Martin Field and will explore the inclusion of “Design for Wellbeing” in UK built environment curricular. We are looking forward to working with the team on this exciting project