In 2022 CHOBE supported 6 Special Interest Group (SIG) projects to carry out research into a pertinent aspect of built environment education and to disseminate findings to our members. There was a competitive process for the grant and we are delighted to have worked with the following initiatives:

  1. Mohammad Abedi, University of Westminster, “Decolonisation Approaches into our Teaching and Learning Towards Improved Curriculum”
  2. Ibrahim Motawa, Ulster University, “Digital Built Environment and Data Science”
  3. Maryam Mani, Oxford Brookes University, “Research Networks and Education in the Built Environment (RNEinBE)”
  4. Michael Tong, Glasgow Caledonian University, “Built Environment Futures: Establishing Critical Graduate Skills”
  5. Upeksha Madanayake, London South Bank University, “Investigating the Perceptions of Apprentices on Work Based Learning Mode”
  6. Whitney Bevan, Robert Gordon University, “Integrating sustainability within built environment higher education”

In addition we supported the CHOBE Measurement Group coordinated by Gervase Cunningham (Ulster), Kathy Higgs (UCEM) and Phillip Hunt (Derby).

The first 6 reports are available here:

CHOBE SIG Report 02-2023 Ulster Uni

CHOBE SIG Report 1-Bevan-RGU

CHOBE SIG Report-2-Mandnayake-LSBU

CHOBE SIG report Abedi Westminster


CHOBE SIG Report 4-McEwen, GCU